General frequent questions and answers

PlayersOnly is a sports network and our mission is to empower and inspire athletes, teams, leagues and universities to better connect with their fans while maximizing on their content.

PlayersOnly is a social media, collectible platform and marketplace for the sports industry. We’re open to all sports related content. Any level and any sport

Athlete frequent questions and answers
It is 100% completely free for any sports related digital creator to make their Collectible.
PlayersOnly charges a small transaction fee on the sale of your collectible, not before.

We work with all our digital creators to ensure everything goes smoothly. Thus, maximizing your success free of charge.

Once the collectible is finished, the NFTs are available to purchased on our website. 

Now, digital creators just need to promote and market their collectibles.

Digital creators make at least 80% of the amount of the original sale and 2% of the amount every time the card is sold in the future as part of their lifetime royalty.

NFT frequent questions and answers

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that can be owned, sold, and traded stored on a digital ledger or blockchain. NFTs can be associated with different types of media including images, videos and audio clips. It cannot be spent like coins and it is not a cryptocurrency, because one NFT is not the same as another NFT due to its unique properties, which is what makes them non-fungible.

Sports memorabilia going digital will change collectibles for the future and redefine the fan-athlete connection.

People collect NFTs for the same reasons they have always collected their favorite media such as art, trading cards, figurines, old cars, sneakers and so on

Technical frequent questions and answers

The marketplace fees are 2.5% + 1% partner fees for purchasing digital collectibles (NFTs) via the platform. Users are also required to pay applicable network, gas, or credit card fees which will be specified during the checkout process.

Users will need their own external wallets. Today, PlayersOnly supports the following external wallets types: Metamask and Trust Wallet.